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today I went to the BACPS meeting, got a couple of great deals, and I bought 6 tickets for the raffle, and some nice lady gave me 6! 12 tickets! I though I had a good chance to win, and during the raffle, I hear, "045!" "045!" and I look down at my tickets, and I WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had the choice of a ping. morensis, (I DID NOT USE MY RAFFLE FOR THAT&#33
some dews, and a nep. cutting! well, guess what I got... the nep. cutting! How to I root it? I have it in pure ro water, is that ok?
Please reply soon I don't want my cutting to die!
Spec. first of all what kind are they some are easy some are very hedr to root. but, this is how you do it. take a razer blade and cut into the bottom of the stem 1/2 long 1/8 deep 3 slots around it. then take some rooting hormone and dip it into that. then take some wet long fiber moss and rap it around the stem cutting. plant it in some moss and from there let it grow some roots. keep the moss some what wet at all times. Good Luck

or you can box them up and send them to me
I'm with George, I'd treat it as he said and pot it up and keep it in a terrarium or somewhere where it stays very humid.
Not too many will root in pure R/O water, I think someone said a N. Ventrata did well rooting in water. Depending upon what species/hybrid it is it could take a month to root or it could take virtually "forever". I've had trouble rooting my N. ventricosa Red Form and N. bongso x N.maxima hybrid. I got disgusted and finally dug up the N. ventricosa (which has been potted and undisturbed since March and in a near perfect environment) and it still has made NO roots but it does have new top growth... It depends upon the species and sometimes it depends upon the plant it was taken from.
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