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Nepenthes ventricosa on sale ..if you still need one :)


I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
I realize this is a beginner plant, but I still like them! Usually I sell rooted cuttings but I ended up picking up some and they're a bit smaller than I usually try to sell. So, since I have so many, and they're a bit smaller I dropped the price a bit. Time to get one, if you still NEED one! ;) I just finished packing an order and below is that plant. This one is potted in a 4" square pot, although they may come in a 3.5" pot (I have too many 4" pots :p ) Some even have more than one plant in them, but I'm not going to tear them apart....


Still have any? :D

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Yep, still have some :)
Hi if you still have any how much r u sell them 4

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