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Nepenthes truncata 'Pasian' or similar


Mr. veitchii
Feb 20, 2011
North of the equator
Title says it all. I've been searching quite a while for this form of truncata with no luck, apparently one retailer had them recently but I missed out. I had a large pasian trunc a long time ago that I traded to Mato, and I still regret the decision, as it was truly one of my favorite plants. I'd love to have one back in my collection again, I already have two truncata (g) from EP so I don't need any more of those lol. I'm specifically looking for both the BE and AW pasian clones, but other HL truncata crosses from EP would also interest me. Take a look at my growlist/wishlist thread (link in my signature) and I'd be happy to work something out! Thanks!

*The growlist portion is a work in progress as I'm currently going through my whole collection of neps to see exactly what I have. Just an FYI
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