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Nepenthes spathualta blooming.




My N.spathualat is getting into bloom, what means I
might have pollen available or I will need a pollen to
pollinate it. I don`t know yet the sex of plant since
it is first flowering. If you are interested and can
donate pollen in case it is female one or are
interested in getting pollen from me if it proves to
be male one, please let me know.

I wish a Merry Christmas all of you.

With all the best,
Aloha Marcin,

Let us know which sex your plant is and whether you want pollen from a different species. If you have a male plant and want to take cutting and root it, I will be glad to trade female spathulata rooted cutting for a male rooted cutting. Thanks.

Hi There,
Thanks for your response. I will let you know the sex as soon as it opens. So if any of you have in bloom their Nepenthes, just let me know the species and the sex of these plants. Then I will quickly be able to find correct peolle when flowers open.
And Sure, Kim, I will be interested in cutting swap then, if it turns to be male.

With warm regards,
Well, you probably couldn't cut it anytime soon, if you plan on getting some seed from the flowers. That's the delema with my female N. khasiana which is till in flower, but most are polinated with thorelii x wittei pollen, and I wouldn't want the scape to get mixed up with pollen from your N. spathulata. That would be an interesting hybrid though...
Hi All,

The first flower has opened today. And now it is clear I have male Nepenthes spathulata. Anyone inteersted in receiving pollen, please let me know by e-mail.

And Kim, I will remeber about cutting for you, so send me your e-mail address and I will keep your request in my files.

With best regards,