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Nepenthes seedlings


it came up in the N. argentii thread of Tamlin, but doesn't fit there well. Small Nepenthes seedlings do look virtually identical and so it is often impossible to judge the species before they get a decent size. To prove this I took three pics of smaller plants I do grow and you are allowed to guess, what species it is.

This one although just looking typical, I do think the experts will guess (A):

This one is still in unguessable size, but you are allowed to impress me (B):

And last but not least this is a plant I really don't know what it is, so good guesses are very welcome. This plant has a diameter of about 4cm and what can't be seen well on the picture ist colouration of the tendril, which is similar to the pitcher colour ©:


Hi Joachim
My guess for the first (A) is N.rajah And (B) N.hamata. But probably got them hopelessly wrong!
 My excuse is that my young versions of thoses plants looked like your photos.

The third I am really not sure  



Well for (A) no idea.

(B) Hamata

and last pic looks like a Lowii
I have seen #3 befor, but I forget what it was.
A) N sibuyanensis

B) N tentaculata

C) N gracillima

My guesses.



thanks for the good guesses! Thes species are:

A: N. rajah

B: N. bellii

C: propably N. lowii - I bought this one as N. villosa, but the TC-lab of the seller had made an error and they were not able to tell ant more what they delivered. But also for a N. lowii this plant is horrible slow. It is by new 1.5 years aut of TC and still that small. If anyone has an idea what it may be, I would be glad to hear from you.

Hi Joachim,

  Oooh No. 3 is interesting!  I don't think that's N. lowii, too hairy by far in MHO.  It's definitely highland of course.  Hmm, was the seed collected on or around Mt. Murud in Sarawak by any chance?  Looks a lot like N. hurrellii to me.  

Oh Boy, Oh Boy - if it turns out to be N. hurrellii I will be very jealous of you. But on the good note I will have someone to ask all those cultivation questions of whenever I get my hands on one. Good Luck,


I'll forward your question, Rob. Maybe I can get some infos on possible species this one could be.

Of course I did buy two plants back in may which should be identical - what I still do strongly doubt. The second one looks more like N. lowii to me:


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are any of them right?
if we get them right do we get a cutting when they get mature in the year 2010?
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the seeds of these two plants were collected back in 1994 on Mt. Kinabalu but not from the seller I got it from. Sadly the TC lab multiplying these plants did mix N. lowii also from the same batch of seeds collected and the "N. villosa" two years ago.

I've seen the same clone about six years old grown very hard. It still did look very similar, only being about 4cm high and having a diameter of about 5cm.

The suggestion from the seller, who did of course send me a very generous replacement for these "wrong labeled" plants, is to wait another ten or fifteen years to see what it will be

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If it turns out to be a N. x kinabaluensis drop me a mail if it makes mature pitchers ;-)

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Thanks for the info Joachim. Ah well, I guess it can't be N. hurrelli then. What a pity! Yep, the second photo looks more like N. lowii to me. Still surprisingly hairy though; I'll have to put on my spectacles the next time I look at mine!

Lab mixups are quite common. Even if the chance of making a clerical error is very small when a species is subcultured in the lab, as the years go by the overall chance increases since subculturing is usuall done every 3 to 8 weeks. Many species look the same in the jar, and similar when first planted out.
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A- is Rajah wow the leaves are even alot thinner when they are babies.

the plants do look alot diff when hey are smaller
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Wow. Looks amazing. Would you care to share any tips on germinating Nepenthes seeds?