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Nepenthes seedlings

I sowed some nepenthes mixed hybrids seed, and I did it all wrong, yet one sprouts months later!! It put on lil roots then pushed itself up and put out two lil leaves, now it has one reaching lil central stem, it just keeps growing UP! it is bout 1" tall now, what will it do next, please explain to me. Thanks!!!
I hope it is a nepenthes. Even as a seedling...after the first two leaves, the little tiny plant should have immature pitchers at the ends of the leaf. The plant should have many pitchers before it is an inch tall, as the leaves lay flat near the soil medium while they are seedlings. Good luck.

I think it may need more light. All of my Nep seedlings put out pitchers on every leaf.
OH MY GOSH!! it was mis labeled!! this is no nep!! it is a sarr!!! geez! The reaching thing has a slit in the top and it is a perfectly formed pitcher!!! it looks a lil like a hooded pitcher at that...thanks yall but ill be taken this to the sarracenia forum!! lol