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Nepenthes rajah (cultivation)


Ok the last topic seemed to move away from cultivation information.

This topic is for cultivation information only.  Here are some links I dug up.
N.rajah cultivation info from Nepenthes University

Brief description from Johannes Mirabini (sp? sorry)

Quote from Nepenthes Gracilis

Temperature- Day-60-80F
Light- one 15 watt growlight that is 1 foot long

Soil- Living Spahgnum moss

Humidity in general humidity should remain about 70% at all times, but can flucuate down to 50% with no effects. But at night it MUST be in the range I descrbe for night, Rajah NEEDS it that high for very good growth. Day- 70-80%
             Night- ALWAYS must be near 100% IE: 80-90% is fine.

Air circulation- must be good to keep fungus at bay as for all nepenthes.

Feeding- feed when posible with a smaller than normal insect to keep pitcher from rotting, but the tiny piece will suffice the plant greatly.

Watering- water when need with cool-chilly water.

If anyone else has first hand experience feel free to add to this discussion.

Cultivation info only please! Thanks.

N. rajah is still a tricky one for me. I want to add two points:

- N. rajah needs bigger pots than much other Nepenthes due to its big root system.

- It dislikes high light levels very much! Therefore it should be grown in shadier position. Plants on Mt. Kinabalu seem to flower and then the main growing points die back when they are big enough full sun reaches them - as Johannes Marabini told me from his visits. Of course they then also produce many small basal offshots.

I may not be as experienced as nep. gracilis growing this plant only for four years, but I do have a sharp picture ;-)


(in big: http://home.petflytrap.com/joachim/N_rajah_Pitcher.jpg )