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Nepenthes pitcher stuffed with coconut milk and sticky rice

yummmmmmmmm~~~~~ NOT!!!!! WELL I DON'T KNOW.

This is crazzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and so creative

Have anyone of you guys ate a nepenthes pitcher?

I haven't, but given some of the recent threads here I wonder if the nectar could be used as a sweetener...
there are a few members that have made this in the past. LilStinkpot is the one that comes to mind.
There have been threads on this in the past, one has a link to a site with a recipe or two.
I have actually considered what they might taste like, being so fruit like in appearance.

It doesnt surprise me people have eaten them in one way or another.
Hmm... I wonder what their nutritive value is?
Depending on how well the pitchers are cleaned the protein content may vary?