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Here are some pictures I took a few minutes ago. Unforunately, my n.spectabilis isn't doing too well, so I didn't include any pics of it.
Without further ado...


N. bicalcarata


N. tentaculata


N. ampullaria


N. x ventrata (I think!&#33


N. rafflesiana (PFT special


N. macfarlanei

So yup, that's some of the more interesting pitcher pictures, nothing special.

Did the rafflesiana from pft have the speckles when you ordered it? (the pic of it on pft home didn't, the pitchers were all green) Thanx
By the way, really cool bicalcarata.
If I recall correctly, it started developing pitchers with coloration af few months after I bought it. I think the pitchers were originally green. It seems like each one has more and more color.
Hey Trashcan:

How do you grow your tentaculata and macfarlanei?. It looks like you have a lowland set up instead of a highland for these two or am I wrong?.

My pft raff started out green and stayed that way until I moved it outside. Now, if you look at my "best neps" thread, it has some red spots developing on the pitchers. I'm still not sure what it will look like. A couple leaves browned slightly about three weeks after I made the move, not long after those pix, so I had to back off the light a tiny bit.

Sometimes, if you move a plant on a partly cloudy day, you better project what happens to the shade situation on the next fairly sunny day.

BTW, nice plants!

Last night I was watching a special on Krakatoa (sp?) the volcano. All the areas where neps grow wild could have volcano problems. Now, we're growing them all over. So much for humans being bad for all endangered species.

I grow all of my nepenthes in terrariums, and I have seperate ones for highlands and lowlands. Unfortunately, I have been busy with school, and have been forgetting to put ice in at night cool the highlanders off, for maybe .... the last six months. I know, my Nepenthes license is revoked! But I started doing it again recently.

How can you tell just from the pics?

Do you just dump a bunch of cubes in to ice the tank? I have thought about doing the frozen plastic water bottle trick, but I am afaraid of not being able to upkeep such high mainenance.


I do use the frozen water bottle method. I have four and rotate two in, two out at night. And yes it is a bit of work for a busy person, which is why mine have been neglected a little bit. Still curious how someone knew they were kept in near lowland conditions (the leaf colors?)

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