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So last night I was feeling well and decided to try my hand at tissue culture. I sowed 3 tubes each of D.regia, N.talangensis x aristolochiodes, and N.globosa seeds.
I have not attempted plant tissue culture before but I'm a lab scientist so I'm familiar with the technique. I'll keep this updated as things sprout.


N.talangensis x aristolochiodes (OP):

I also subcultured some Roridula gorgonias:

Sorry for the bad picture quality,camera phone.
D.regia already has 4 sprouts :).
Thanks! Seems to be going pretty well. I'm up to 12/15 D.regia seeds sprouted now. O have about 30 tubes/jars in total inoculated now. The only things that have contaminated so far was a jar of vft seeds, and a flask of R.gorgonias. I'm hoping more seeds sprout soon but it's only been like 2 weeks. It's nice to be utilizing my CLS degree and biotech classes again :).
Very cool, good work! Anything else sprout yet?