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Nepenthes in bud

This is my first Nepenthes to flower it is a N. (mirabilis gold x mixta superba)

I will have pollen or will need pollen. Any one have any other Nepenthes in flower?
I think Dyflam does/did... GOOD LUCK!!

Would you like to trade pollen if they are of opposite ?

N. x mirabilis gold xx Mixta Superba is hybrid N. x leesii done by Bruce Bednar. It is probably a male plant. Mine is male and has bloomed many times. It can grow quite big, so I hope you have plenty of room.

Sorry it took me so long to reply (I was out of town)

So you think mine is a male cool! I got mine from Cook (I hope that is ok to say that...PFT dose not sell it) If you can always buy from PFT first

How big dose N. x leesii pitchers get
I have plenty of space I grow it in my greenhouse.

thanks for your help
do ya have any pics of it yet