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Nepenthes ID help


I stopped by a local garden shop that sometimes has N.alata on the way home, and I found this amazing Nepenthes:


I'm now trying to identify it so I can take care of it properly. I'm thinking that it might possibly be N. fusca. Here are some links to pictures that look just like mine: (1) (2)

What does everyone think?

Well my browser managed to use the auto-fill out the topic, (after I typed it in correctly) :-/. This post has nothing to do with Nepenthes hirsuta. Oh well.

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hmm not fusca... the lid is too wide, and the end of the leaf is not the right shape.  I will have to ponder this one and look at some pics.  Right now off the top of my head it looks like maxima x alata

Nope not maxima x alata which you can see here: <a href="http://www.uq.net.au/intaac/ExoticaPlants/h72.htm

Have" target="_blank">http://www.uq.net.au/intaac/ExoticaPlants/h72.htm

Have</a> to do some more thinking... fusca x something

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Could it not be Rafflesiana 'Elongated' ?

That is kind of what it looks like to me. But I am by far, not the Nepenthes expert
yea it looked like a Rafflesiana upper pitcher to me too
Would it be helpful if I included a picture of the leaf also?

Leaf and plant pictures would help.
Plant picture

Peristome closeup

Leaf picture

Stem picture (?)

Profile of the pitcher (showing tendril attachment)

Original picture (full size)

Hope that helps. Click on the picture if you need to see the high(er) res (1024x768) original.

Looks like upper Rafflesiana pitchers to me too.
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Looks like some rafflesiana in it.. but deffinately a complex hybrid
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How about this?


(from Malesiana Tropicals)

In this picture you can't see tha the sides of mine are colored quite heavily, and the fringes in the front.

I propose that it could be a poorly colored lowland N.maxima. Hmm.. Actually looking at it.. the maxima looks like it has a bit more volume to the pitcher. Oh well. Any other opinions?

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Sorry the pics have been deleted off my old server... but I would like to add one horribly important detail that somehow got left out. The plant has short red hairs under the leaves. I'm not sure how I managed to forget that... The plant has developed two new leaves since it recovered from its new environs. The newest one is much larger than the previous ones, and may form its first pitcher under my care (hopefully&#33


(if anyone wants to look at it again, I can take more pics)
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I can't see didily