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Nepenthes Hamata


I'm looking to acquire a nepenthes hamata in the UK. Been looking around but as yet haven't been able to find a source.

Anybody seen them about in the UK?
Andreas Wistuba ship to the UK
Thanks for the info people, I went to a garden centre and saw a Drosera Aliciae just waiting to dry up and die, so I decided to rescue it. So it has taken the Nepenthes Hamata's place!

The drosera was a double plant in a tiny pot, I got it home repotted it and in the process found 2 baby drosera under the mature ones... so I got 4 plants for £3.99, I just hope they will fight back and live on!
I went to B & Q in Blackburn yesterday. The CP section was in the dark and hadn't been watered for weeks. There was a dead Purpurea, Alicia and a few dead VFTs. I think I'll send them an e-mail. A lot of the non-CP plants were near death as well.