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Nepenthes from gublers

A friend of mine who lives in the States has just got into CPs. She has recently purchased a Nepenthes from Home Depot. This is supplied from Gublers. It is of course one of those nameless plants simply called Nepenthes! Does anyone here know what species it might actually be? Lowland or Highland so I can advise her.


Ahh, the age old question. Just what the heck is a Nepenthes x "home depot"
I have one with four pitchers, and I still have no idea. I know they sell N. ventricosas, but that's not what mine is. Beyond that, I have no idea. Need pictures!!!

Incidentally, I just bought one yesterday at Orchrad Supply Hardware that was clearly a ventricosa, but the label didn't even say Nepenthes! Just "pitcher plant". It looks great, though!

A search for gublers might bring up old threads. Off the top of my head..
N. ventricosa
unknown N. maxima hybrid
and one other I can't recall..

Intermediate conditions should do fine. None of them require special growing conditions.
Thanks I guessed that N. ventricosa might be in there somewhere

If I get a photo I will post it.


Here's my N. x Home Depot from Gubblers when I got it almost 2 months ago:


Here it is now:


I have no idea what it is, still.

i have gotten a few neps from gublers , there very weak growing , i have talked to chris gubler ( the guy who runs gublers ) he says that maxima hybrid possibly is an n. x velvet , he also has ventricosa , ventrata , coccinea , holland hybrid and a few other ones that i can't remember . i nep hybrid that is supposly n. x velvet has barely grown an inch ever since i got and thatw as about 4 moths ago and to this day it has no pitchers and is growing so slow .
Hmm. I can't say I have any complaints about the health and growth of my gubler's nep. Mine's almost doubled in size in just 2 months, and has made pitchers on each new leaf. Go figure.

I just can't match mine up with any of the listed neps grown by them. Maybe N. coccinea? Mine doens't seem as red, though. Oh well, time will tell.

Yeah, I got a nep from lowes a few months ago and now acclimated to outside, it is turning a reddish color and growing rapidly although the pitchers are few and far between. Capslock-did you just transplant your nep to that orchid pot? No other pot? I am wondering if you had much trouble there, all my guys are in hanging pots, such as yours, but I don't know about the way it APPEARS you have yours planted. More info would be nice...It is nice to have my neps doing well, they all came from different conditons from being literally drown in 2" of water, to inside an ac'd building to full sun. They are now all hanging under an umbrella with partial sun and hav a daily rain watering. Besides a few pitchers that went south on me due to acclimation, everyone is very happy.

I got this nep a little over two months ago. It came in the pot in the first picture. I let it stay in that for about a month before I transplanted it into the hanging basket (which I don't have hanging yet) in the second picture. I used pure Canadian long-fibered sphagnum in this case. I got rid of some of the original media, but didn't really disturb the roots much. It now lives on an enlcosed porch that just about splits the temperature difference between outside and inside. I'd estimate it goes from around 60 degrees at night up to 75-80 on a warm day. It sits under a compact fluorescent light and a window that gets no direct, but decent indirect light. I water with R/O-filtered water from the supermaket.

Whatever it is, it seems very hardy. It didn't blink an eye going from Home Depot into my terrarium, and then into it's current home. And it's grown 4 new pitchers in 2 months.