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I haven't been here in ages. I guess that means it's time to get some more plants! PM me if you're interested in anything. I'm looking for stuff not on my growlist, primarily in highland and intermediate Nepenthes, Genlisea, Utricularia, or non-Japanese Aldrovanda strains. US only.




This is a seed original from Exotica Plants, Nepenthes ventricosa "Red" x carunculata var. robusta. It is a very robust plant and can grow in full sunlight in either intermediate or true highland conditions (it can probably grow in lowland conditions as well). In bright light, it is completely red. It offsets profusely and comes attached with 2 offsets. It is 8 inches in diameter. The leaf edges are a little raggedy because of a moth larva, which has since been dispatched. EDIT: No longer for trade, basals below only.


Two rooted basals are also available. The larger is 5 inches in diameter, the smaller is 4 inches in diameter.


This is a cutting of Nepenthes fusca x maxima. It makes a great, fast growing houseplant or will grow under highland or intermediate conditions. It has 2 active growth points, and is about 7 inches across. It is male and in constant flower for me.

This is a younger lower. I don't have more mature ones on the plant now, but they are shaped much like the mother's pitchers.

Uppers are pale green, shaped like the mother's but colored like the father's.



There's a basal on this Nepenthes ventricosa x aristolochioides. It is the BE remake and can grow pretty fast if well-lit. The basal can be separated and sent rooted or unrooted if there is interest. The top picture shows an intermediate and upper pitcher from the mother plant. EDIT: Pending


Nepenthes sp. Langkawi is an undescribed species geographically close to Nepenthes kerri and resembles Nepenthes kampotiana. These cuttings are unrooted rooted. These cuttings came from Capslock from an upper vine. This thread on Sam's forum shows the plants in situ. EDIT: One taken, one or two left (depending on the offer)



Nepenthes maxima "Dark" x talangensis is another EP cross. This one has a lot a basals, the biggest about 6 inches across. The basals can be sent rooted in a month or unrooted now. The top picture is an example of the intermediates this one can put out. EDIT: One pending, 3 left
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Do you want more Nepenthes in trade for these? I'm interested in the N. vent x aristo and the N. sp. Langkawi. I'll PM you. :)
I'm very interested in sp. Langkawi!
Updated to reflect some changes.
Still interested in the trade I offered if you want :)