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Nepenthes dominii or dominiana

Nepenthes dominii or dominiana is a combination of hirsuta X rafflesiana. Could I consider this plant an intermediate??.

What are the intermediate temperature ranges anyone?


O hmm..  I have come up with this incredibly scientific method to determine highland/intermediate/lowland.

Plants 'classed' as lowland seem to do better for me if the minimum night temperature is at least in the low 70's F.  Plants 'classed' as highland seem to do better if maximum night temperatures are in the low 60's.  So I figure that makes intermediate 62-72 degrees.

I also make the generalization that many lowland plants will do ok with stretches of night temps on the cooler side IF they have nice warm days.  It seems to be prolonged periods of cold night/day that really get to them.

The hybrid you mention I would class as a lowland.