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Nepenthes cuttings

Hello peoples,
 I currently have one N.ventricosa x maxima ( kindly provided by ludwig) and it has produced an off shoot so I want to take a cutting.  I wanted to know if I could use just perlit with just a little peat, so like a 6:1.

My failsafe method is to use pure Long Fibered Sphagnum wrapped around a two node cutting with just 1/2 to 1/4 of the original leaf (basically it's just petiole) and stem sticking out of the soil, stuffed tightly into a 2" seedling pot and then kept in the same environment as the parent plant. I do not water cuttings very often but I mist the leaf and soil surface daily. The drier (but not dry) conditions at the roots seems to expediate rooting. Once there is one or two real leaves with tiny or undeveloped pitcher hooks then I pot in a regular 4 or 6 inch pot and water as normal.

If I am doing cuttings and I don't have any LFS then I go out and buy some. I dont think there is anything that can compare to it's qualities. It is expensive... but so are Neps!
Okay I think I'll try that.

I put cuttings in sphagnum moss, but I also make sure to put them inside of a plastic bag to keep the humidity very high. It might not be a problem for Josh to put his cuttings next to his plants since he keeps his neps in terrariums where the humidity stays high all the time, but the humidity fluctuates a lot in my shadehouse, so I don't have that luxury. If the humidity isn't high enough around the cuttings, from what I've seen, they will go flaccid and most likely die.

Yes, that's true!
When I say keep the cuttings with the parent plants, my parent plants are in 80+% humidity at all times. I forget that not everyone grows in the same way I do.
Believe it or not, I've rooted my cuttings by sticking them in a glass of good water, and then place the glass near diffused lighting. Then I change out the water maybe once a week. Kind of like keeping cut flowers. I've been able to root ventricosa, hookeriana, and a few others that I can't remember right now with success. I usually leave three nodes and cut off the bottom leaf or two to give the stem room in the water. Then I whack the other leaves in half.
I know this isn't the recommended way, but I did it this way by accident because I didn't have any sphagnum moss and I had read in a book that said some people had success this and it worked! Once the stem split and little rootlets appeared, then I potted the cuttings up. Next time I take cuttings, I'll try the sphagnum way.
I planted a N. x coccinea cutting in LFS about three weeks ago, I keep it semi- fully waterlogged always, and its already started producing two leaves. It's still in it's film canister, but I'll move it to a pot soon... I used rootone, and LFS, and that's all! It's in a lowland terrarium with N. rafflesiana... GOOD LUCK to you!!