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Nepenthes coccinea

I have a extra Nepenthes Coccinea that I would like to trade away. It's a fairly large plant, it just put out a 12 inch leaf
and it is healthy. It has at least four growth points and a basal shoot. Pm me if you wanna trade!
Here's a pic of the beauties it can make. The upper pitcher is an example of what is made in low light and the bottom is an example of what high light can do for the pitcher's complexion.
It may be tough (& expensive! ) to ship if it is a big plant. Is it possible to take cuttings of it so it is not so large? If you can, I would be interested in a trade.  

I also have both unrooted and rooted basal shoots, if anybody's interested. The larger plant is gone, but I do have a smaller N. Coccinea available still.
Hey Snowy,
I think i am but how much would shipping and handaling be? umm...i guess just pm me cause this comp wont let me.thanks