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Nepenthes carnivorous abilities seen in action

My room was invaded by a colony of ants today looking for a dry place to make there nest(its raining outside). When I got home from school about 50 little ants where scattered about one of my N. ventricosa hybrids. Mainly they were on the leaves at the large nectar glands, however 3 of them where on one of the pitchers. One circled the perimastone and tried to get on the same nectar gland as another ant. After fighting for a little bit one them fell in. The other two then left. I hope they went back to report a new food source. =:)->)
Its already caught 4 more. hehehe
Its caught 23 ants total now.
That's cool! A housefly (this time of year!?) flew in through the vent on the highland terrarium and was buzzing around in the chamber for almost a week. I kept hoping he would wind up in one of the pitchers but if he did, I never got to see...
Still more ants are coming and meeting there end.