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Nepenthes at thomson

I was at JiMei at Thomson 2day, and I found two sp. of neps dat are not the ones(rafflesia, alata, gracillis, ampullaria.) that you guys always talk about.
If I m correct, they shld N gracillis($15) and N northiana($80)
however, they dun look that healthy.
A northiana? You're joking. Where's this JiMei? I don't remember ever coming across it.
N. Northiana. It sure looks like one: It has a red flared peristome and the entire pitcher is deep red.
Onli a few other low-landers hav flared peristome, i.e vietchii and truncata, but they r normally green to yellow. But this one is red.
Jimei is nex to Island
Was at SPA Thomson today, they are offering S$80 each for 2 pots of nep with entire pitcher in deep red/purple, but I am sure it is not northiana as it does not have flared peristome. 2 other similar plants was already sold.
They told me it was taken from the jungle around Kuantan, I therefore have to give a miss.
Juz curious, what is SPA??

But i m quite sure the peristome was more flared than my alata.
Anyway, its like half dead
If the Nep is from Kuantan, than it is unlikely to be N. northiana. Nepenthes northiana is a Borneo endemic.
I agree with Jalan Kayu, even though the plants may look very nice, it isn't good to encourage the depletion of 'wild grown' nepenthes for our own pleasure. Please don't buy plants taken from the wild.
I jus went to the shop beside Island.
Someone has reserved those wild grown neps, not a very encouraging sign.
but when i look at them again. i'm pretty certain itz not northiana. my mistake earlier.
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One wonders how these wild collected plants got into S'pore in the first place. Aren't Neps strictly controlled by CITES permits?