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Nepenthes and Sarr tee shirts


Lotsa blue
Some time back I was given a tee shirt with a Nepenthes picture on it. Not only was the quality of it very high, with the graphics actually being done in paint rather than as a transfer, but I have found that among my cp-growing friends that I get a lot of complements when I wear it. Here is the shirt and a close-up of the art work.



I have contacted the artist and he tells me that this pattern is also available:


The artist tells me these can be custom-made and he can be contacted by email at: mwysock_98@yahoo.com Or for those who are oriented towards facebook he has a page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Coyote-Art/665720713457745 'Sorry I can't supply a price.
The Sarracenia shirt seems like something you'd see after stumbling into a bog during a bad trip. I can already start to hear its words of wisdom regarding the secrets of the universe.

Thanks for the link, Mark. I need some metaphysics in my life!
I need to get me one of each when finances allow, thanx for the contact info. :-D