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Nepenthes Achievement Unlocked !!!!

Nepenthes Truncata X Ehippiatta grown outdoors with a mouse nearly dissolved by the time I found it !!!
My favourite nepenthes hybrid in my collection atm





Awesome! Wouldn't you have liked to see how he got in there?!
Looks awful :)

But very nutricious for the plant :p
Aww poor thing..
Cool, but vomit-inducing. Blech!!
That's awesome, but how did it smell? :puke:
This hybrid has a tendency to do that.
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*Highfives you while wearing a gasmask* :lol:
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Nice! I bet it stinks! :p There's been several of these hybrids that have caught mice, including a rat in Australia :O.
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It actually doesn't smell much!
I think the sheer volume of the pitcher and liquid in comparison to the small mouse and the fact that it was nearly dissolved covered it well. (There is actually heaps of large digested snails and slugs in the same pitcher)

But then again my plant is growing outdoors out in the open under shade cloth.

As to how it got there, I have seen fleeing mice hop and jump 30cm high and scale double story buildings like ninjas. Poor guy probably went in for a drink ?