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Nepenthe Rajah

Vote Tuyen Thi  off of our "island"?!!? - By request of a moderator (or two..

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tuyen thi

My brother wants to know how to take care of a Nepenthes rajah , I got a cutting for him , but he does'nt believe a word I say about how to take care of these plants , and then he refused to take the plant i gave him and wants to get one from anybody in the forums . So post or message me for care intructions for this plant , and if any body is willing to give him that plant , then message me through the forums or post here . One more thing , take a vote if this plant is easy to take care of or hard , That brother of mines , he'll never trust me about any thing i say .

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uhh, you got a plant and you have no idea how to take care of it? well the only people i know with rajah are Nepenthes Gracilis, Tony Paroubek, and Martin

how much did you pay for it? since its a Nepenthes i think you should post this into the Nep forum, and if you search around in the nep forum, under the pages, then you can find other posts about it, nepG has asked about now he owns one and its growing kinda fast for a SLOW grower, its a ultra highland, it likes the night temps between around, 40-50 and the day temps around, 70-80
not too hot, and it likes lots of sun and the humidity has to ALWAYS be around, OVER 80% HUMIDITY for best growth, nepG as his most of the time in 100% humidity and he gives it cool temps 40-50 even though it tolerates 50-60 at night but his is growing fast because he gives it really good conditions

ask him about it, maybe #### post a picture,
Yes, why did you do that Tuyen? Buy a rare plant and noone wants to take care of it? You might as well send it to me I'd gladly take it! No offense but that is sorta ignorant in my view point. Anyhow care instrucitons on how my N.Rajah is grown are as follows.

Temperature- Day-60-80F
Light- one 15 watt growlight that is 1 foot long

Soil- Living Spahgnum moss

Humidity in general humidity should remain about 70% at all times, but can flucuate down to 50% with no effects. But at night it MUST be in the range I descrbe for night, Rajah NEEDS it that high for very good growth. Day- 70-80%
              Night- ALWAYS must be near 100% IE: 80-90% is fine.

Air circulation- must be good to keep fungus at bay as for all nepenthes.

Feeding- feed when posible with a smaller than normal insect to keep pitcher from rotting, but the tiny piece will suffice the plant greatly.

Watering- water when need with cool-chilly water.

Hope this helps.

N.Rajah as grown under the above conditions.



Sorry for quality , but a sideview.


New pitcher descending from tendril and use my fingers for a scale of how big my largest Rajah pitcher is so far in it's life.


Nice quality photo of overhead view, notice the few pitchers and how healthy my plant is and other peoples
Rajah's are when properly cared for. I also want to mention notice that it's new leaves are significanly larger than the previous ones.Either you or your brother need to care for the Rajah now or send it to me for a trade or something! BTW, how old is your brother?

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Tuyen Thi

A nepenthes rajah is a nepenthes rajah regardless of who is providing the plant. One coming from a forum member will be no different than the one you are offering to your brother. Your brother should say "thank you" and then get advice from this forum or research the web.

Nep G offers good information. Take it to heart and practice the care suggestions on the TWO plants you have. Being such a rare plant, you are lucky that both you and your brother have one. There are many people who would love to get one.

Perhaps since your n. rajah is so large and growing so well (catching and eating 5-lb. squirrels), you could take a cutting of it and share it with someone on the forums who has been looking for a rajah.
OR if your brother does not want the plant, maybe there is someone here who would like to have it.

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I'm moving your topic to the Nepenthes forum, but I'm not locking because, well, this is "General Discussions." You might get more help in the Nepenthes forum, however.

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We would all like to see a picture of it! How big is it? Where did you buy it? Do you think the place you bought it from might have more that other ppl can buy? How much was it? I'm interested... Tell us more.
As I said in the other forum about squirrels , my camera is still broken . The cutting that I gave my brother has 2 medium size pitchers , I got the cutting from my nepenthes rajah that ate a squirrel , the place I got the orinal plant that ate the squirrel was called carnivore craze , The place had every sort of carnivorous plant you could think of , I got my nepenthes rajah for about 20 dollars , but since the manager is my friend he gave me it for 15 dollars .
How big is the plant? I only know of about 5 N.Rajah palnts big enough to eat mice/small mammals. I think your overexaggerating my friend.
well maybe tuyen is exagurating, or maybe your just jealous nepG that you payed double the price and it isnt as big as hers eh?

but what im stil saying under my breath is, why buy it if you cant take care of it, my suggestion is if you cant take care of it, send it to nep G, or phil and jaie

i was talking to jaie he said he hopes to get some rajah, but not like till a year or so,

i would love to have a rajah, but i canot suply it with the conditions yet, first i am going to save my cash, save up for a 20 galon tall tank, and then stick a ventrosica in there and see if i can supply the right temps for a week or so then discuss with my parents about buying one, and when i pay 40&#36 for it, i will do everything for it not to die

what are the conditions you have it in right now
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for 20&#36 and this size can I buy 100 of them
someone is seems out of this world
if it's real rajah for this size and price I would eat my hat
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Arie, more like shoot yourself in the foot for a plant like thta for that kind of a pirce! The nursery guys tuyen did that to himslef! Shot himself right ni the foot! Also I am also thinking it may not be a true-to-the-blue Rajah. Perhaps a cross with it. Stefano, I am NOT jealous, just puzzled. And still puzzled! :confused:
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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Quote: from tuyen thi on 12
2 pm on May 26, 2002
As I said in the other forum about squirrels , my camera is still broken . The cutting that I gave my brother has 2 medium size pitchers , I got the cutting from my nepenthes rajah that ate a squirrel , the place I got the orinal plant that ate the squirrel was called carnivore craze , The place had every sort of carnivorous plant you could think of , I got my nepenthes rajah for about 20 dollars , but since the manager is my friend he gave me it for 15 dollars .
[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

If you have pitchers big enough to eat squirrels why do you say it has "MEDIUM" sized pitchers? I really doubt that you have a N. Rajah this big for that low of a price. If you need care info why don't you bring your little brother to the guy you got it from, it's more believable to convince your brother on care if you speak to somebody rather than reading what people say in the forums. I don't think your telling the whole truth, your story just doesn't sound right. I doubt anybody has squirrel eating sized N. Rajah in cultivation yet. N. Rajah wouldn't even be able to survive outside in low humidity for 30 minutes unless you live in it's habitat. Hows the weather over there in Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo?
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well as you tell me, you joke alot, so what do you think i was doing? :biggrin:

but its unbeleiveable, a rajah for 15 dollers, or even 20 dollers
well, she said cutting, nepG you got yours as a plant with roots and growing vigourously, and tuyen, the plant is hard, but im still stumped, why do you order a plant and you dont even know how to take care of it?

and i also think that was pretty rude of your brother to do what he did, i would have been jumping for joy if it was me, but then id get mad cus i couldnt supy it with the right conditions and it would die
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The ONLY people I am aware of that have a Rajah capable of eating SMALL mammals are Richard's freinds (forgot his name), Peter D'Amato, Andrea's Wistuba I belive but not sure, the ICPS, Johhanes Maribini, and a few other's. I think if your Rajah is that big it would be "immposible" to provide it with correct conditions as you don't even have a tank big enough for it yet, nor you say you have it in the right conditions anyway!!!
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OK people
I know that this isnt my forum but be nice. Maybe the squirrels are small there well on second thought a 5 lb squirrel is pretty huge that's the size of a small baby.
One way or the other she didnt say she doesn't know how to grow it but that her very rude brother in my opinion doesnt want her advise on how to grow it but somebody elses.
You know if I were you I wouldnt worry about growing directions for him especially if he doesnt even want the plant.
I agree it doesnt make much sense but what the heck do we know, some sucker coulda sold it to her not knowing how rare it was or lied about what it is. And hey if those other people can grow one that size why cant Tuyen Thi or whoever sold it to her? It's not like you gotta register your plant once it gets ssooooo big. This may possibly be an exageration but theres no sense in being rude.
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My opinion exactly. Well said unkownclown!
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I have no intent on being mean, I am just using exclaimation points to EMPHASIZE certains areas I want peopel to look at most, I mean it is hard to "talk" through writing! <<<notice the exclaimation (emphasization on that point).
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That's true.
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You tell them unknown clown and I don't mean to be rude but I am a boy not a girl . To make sure the Exact Amount of weight of the squirrel , I t was 2 pounds , the enzymes added one more pound and the pitcher weighed 2 pounds .
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Oh...so it was a 2-lb. squirrel.  Why would a squirrel go into a nep pitcher?  They eat seeds, nuts and berries...and roots.  And once in, why wouldn't it be able to get out?  Squirrels aren't small animals (well, ok...compared to an elephant it is).  How big is the pitcher?  Must be HUGE.  Where do you grow such a large nep?  What area of the country do you live in?  How long have you had it and was it this big when you bought it? Did it grow real fast?

Not being a nep expert, I am curious to know the growing conditions to get such huge pitchers.


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