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Nep ventricosa

A couple months ago I bought a N. ventricosa in a 3 inch pot from pft. Just curious how long would it take to mature. Or how long it would take to get pitures big enough to stick bugs in. Help please.
The quick answer is "a long time" (think in terms of at least 2 years).

The full answer would be the length of time varies greatly from grower to grower. Depending upon how you grow your plant (how much light, humidity, etc) the genes of the plant you have, how much it's fed, etc. N. ventricosa is a very variable species both in color, size and growth rate.

My plants have been said to grow fast in comparison to some other peoples but this is because they are grown in automated climate controlled growing chambers with very intense light, plenty of food and reverse osmosis water, controlled temperatures, etc. Any failure to keep all needs at an acceptable level to the plant will slow down it's growth. And Nepenthes are already rather slow growing even when given the best possible conditions!

When your plant has pitchers at least 2" high you will be able to feed it the 2 week old crickets  (about 1/2" long) that are sold at places like Petsmart and Petco for pet reptile food. Just bring them home and freeze them to death overnight then drop one baby cricket into each pitcher When the pitchers are 4" high you can switch to adult crickets (1" long). Feeding the plant helps to increase the size much faster.
. How long does it take to get to 2 inches though.
I think I'm gonna get bored waiting for it to get big enough to eat bugs.
Please answer me the following questions and maybe I can help you improve your growing condtions:

How big are the pitchers now?

How long are the leaves now?

How what kind and much light are you using?

How close are the plants to the light? (not applicaple if you're using sunlight)

Is the plant in a terrarium? If so, is the terrarium lid closed or open?

What is the humidity of the air around the plant?

What kind of soil is it in?

Are you watering with reverse osmosis or rainwater? (in general tap and/or well water is bad and will eventually kill it)

What are the daily temperatures the plant receives?
What is the night time temperature?

Nepenthes are "long term commitment" plants and are not plants for the impatient grower. When I first get small neps from overseas I pot them up and write their name down in my grow list and then basically forget about them for a few months until they've settled into my growing chambers and begin to produce pitchers.
To me, vebtricosa is quite a quick and easy grower, but the size of the plant, and how well it has gotten acclimated will help tell how big it will be when... GOOD LUCK!!
There is something about N. ventricosa that hates me! I've had it for 2 years and it still won't do anything it doesn't root well, it doesn't grow hardly at all but it continues to make pitchers and it just won't die and I really hate to throw out a plant that someday might surprise me and grow well...
I've grown all sorts of "hard" Neps and done well with them while this easy beginner plant just sits there and taunts me! I just don't get it!
Okay to all those question....

5/8 inches tall this piture isn't open yet and is the first non burnt one. it just recovered from shipping shock.

1 1/2 inches and it isn't done growing.

I'm moving it into a terrarium this next month(was on the windowsill) with one light. I think it will be a 5000 lumens since the terrarium is 21" tall. I haven't bought it yet though so give me your opinion.

The soil is from pft an I think it is peat and perlite.

right now the humidity is high but I'm not done with the terrarium so I don't know.

I use reverse osmosis water.

The night temps will probably go down to 60 or less degrees in the winter, and about 60 to 70 degrees in the summer. The day temps could go to 60 to 90 degrees during the year(I think)

The terrarium will be partially open.

Like I said I'm not done with my terrarium, so I can take any suggestions, and I'm not sure on the temps. (i'm pretty close though) Actually all I"ve got right now is a 29 gallon tank. 21 high. 11 wide and bout 30 long.

Ideas help etc. are definitely welcome.


Oh yeah and if you didn't figure it out my plan it really really small.(3 inches tall)
Just got two lights. Each has 950 lumens and are clear. they are extremely bright, and will keep the terrarium hot in the day and cold at night.

I had a male N. ventricosa some years back which took two years from 6cm diameter to start flowering. I only did feed it insects that time and plant size increased with every leaf. Just keep in mind that clones are different and might show a much different growth rate.

Cheers Joachim
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Holy _ _ _ _!!! That is fast! Atleast compared to mine.