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Nep Potting material: Palm fibre

Hi there, I was up at the local nursery and noticed they had palm fibre in stock (long thin strands of organic fibre used for hanging pot lining). Can it be used for neps, Is it any good? I was wondering if it was worthwhile to experiment with it. (I'm currently using coco husk with perlite and live sphag topping)
As with the coco husk, I would make sure its rinsed very well for salts. It would be a worth wild experiment on something you're not afraid to loose. I'm finding out these plants can be grown in more media than we think they can. What is the life of the palm fiber?? I'm wanting to find an inorganic mix that they like to reduce repots.
i am really not sure. I havent used it before for any other application, if i find out will revert back to you. my gut says it may be very quick if water logged but perhaps longer if it isnt continuously water logged. I stand corrected though. I should have a ventricosa cutting to test on in the near future