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Nep. plant and cutting

hey all i was wondering how long can a plant sit in a lock box at the post office.
I wouldn't let them sit for too long. I would suppose a 5-10 days since the last time the plants were exposed to light would be the max before you could have considerable losses. But then, my plants are almost always here in 2-3 days and I have them delivered to my house where I'm always here to receive them (I work 4 pm til 4 am so I'm always home during PO delivery hours) so I have no experience with plants sitting locked up at the post office. I have a PO box too but only use it for business mail on the magazine (promotional review CDs, letters, etc) I know that the people at my post office keep the building very warm in autumn/winter and I'd hate to have live plants sitting there for very long!
It also depends on species how long they can take this situation. Softer Nepenthes with thin leafes are normally more stressed than tougher ones and may not survive one week in a closed box.

I had a N ampullaria and N gracilis stuck in the mail for almost a month(the anthrax scare), and they survived. I think it depends on how well they are packaged; If they don't dry up too quickly I think that they'll survive for a week.

I agree it really depends considerably on the plants, how they were packed and temperatures they are stored at. Generally speaking 7 days from the time they are packed in the box is about the max before you start to see ill effects.
well the problem is that i do not get home delivery and all the mail has to be picked up at the local post office. it is now 9
0am and they are just opening up the bay doors so i will be back in a few and tell ya how they are. the plants are not imported so i do beleave that they will be ok.
the longest i have had plants in the mail is 9 days and with ill effect w/ most of them
well the plants and the cuttings where all ok. a little bit of shock but nothing t worry about
What did you order?
nathaniel, it was
1 n. truncata
4 n. ampullaria
1 s.rubra gulfensis x leuco. x psittacina
the n. ampullaria cuttings are in a little bit of shock but, the truncata and sarr.are just fine. i think it would take a lot to
shock that little beast.
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The only problem I ever had with shipping was with my N. ampullaria which was packaged horribly and arrived with the main growth point covered in a grey fungus and mostly dead. I was able to scavenge parts of the plant that were offset from the main stem that looked healthy. I now have two amps about 3" across from that plant but the other parts I tried to plant just got worse and had to be disposed of for fear of infecting the rest of my collection.