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I have 4 N. gracilis cuttings and 1 N. superba-mixta cutting to trade. I am looking for N. ampullaria (with the speckled pitchers), Utricularia (except for lividia and aquatics), and sundews.

Please PM me offers. I will be out of town until sunday so I will respond to offers then.

Oh one more thing, I do have a picture of the N. superba-mixta (upper pitchers) of the parent plant if you question its identity. Include a picture request if you are planning to submit offers for that plant.


Update: I also have 1 N. mirabilis X thorellii for trade as well. I also have a picture of the parent plant.

Ok, one last update before I leave. Here are the pics of the parent plants:

N. superba-mixta (thorellii-JAM (long nrw) X summer, 1976-LCS#2F N. superba-mixta)


N. mirabilis X thorellii (x effulgent koto #1","= mirabilis X thorellii.  Isamu Kusakabe via Joseph A. Mazrimas 11/9/1982)

Heck, I have an amp (speckeled) that I would send you for free if I thought for 1 second it would survive shipping. Poor thing isn't doing to good for me.