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Nep. "coccinea"

hello everyone!  today i purchased a nep. "coccinea" from the discount table at my local grden center and it is my first nep. (i also have 6 vft's and 1 sarr.).  it needs some love as it only has 3 pitchers on it (1 about an inch long that appears to be drying up and dying, 1 that's 3" long that is definatly dead, and one that is 2" long and looks like it is just forming (the "mouth" of it is still closed and green.)).  the plant is about 14" tall.  i think i can save it, with your expertice, of course!
the card that came with it says high indirect light, evenly wet soil, high humidity.  sound right?
i have "savage garden", but haven't read up on neps yet.  i would like to know any and all tips on growing neps (light, humidity, temps, etc...) that you might have.

technoracer (i know we can save this plant&#33
technoracer, from reading what you posted it sounds like the plant is doing ok. the reason i am saying this is that there is one pitcher that still green and has not opened yet. keep it in a shady area if you are growing it outside. keep the soil mix wet to mushy for about a week so the plant can get all the water that it needs back into its system. also mist the plant w/ a sprayer so to help w/ the humidity around the plant. good luck w/ your new N. Coccinea basicly it is a easy Nep. o grow
It probably got hit a bit with some low humidity at the garden center which is why most of the open pitchers on the plant are browned somewhat. Sounds healthy if it has a new pitcher developing. It will need to adjust to your growing conditions. So keep it moist, moderate light, warm temps and high humidity.

george and tony, thanks for the responses!

i planned on misting it very frequently (three times already today), as i can tell it's really dry. should i have it sitting in a tray of water, like a vft? soil mix looks kinda like an orchid mix (chunks of bark, about the size of a nickle), should i use a high nitrogen fert on it? what is the temp range for this plant? should i cut off the dead leafs (i assume yes, but i haven't yet)? highland or lowland? i have it growing indoors, as i live in ohio and it's 50 deg outside right now. high, indirect light, right?

i love this site!

thanks again!
Tech.,no fert. at all unless you put superthirve mixed w/ water in it. the temp sould be 70-90 degress it is a lowland. yes you could put it into a tray of water but water it from top. for right now let the leave be until it gets used to your envirourment. if it is all orchid bark mix you might want to repot it into a diff. mix that holds water a little better. bark drys out to fast and doesn't hold water that long. you might want to mix some LFM around it.
cool. i have it sitting in a tray of ro water with superthrive (also misting with this same water). the temp sounds good, as the house stays around 68 in the winter. summer temps depend on the ouside temp. (ohio summers are 80's - mid to high 90's). i have central air, but i work outside and get used to the temp., so i don't really run the air. i haven't cut off the dead leafs yet, so i'll let them be, for now.
the more i look at this nep, the happier i get. i'm starting to think i got a good deal!


Tech., you only water w/ superthrive 2-3 times a months. well at least that is what i was told.also don't spray the plant w/ the mix eather. also don't sit the plant in the mix ro all the time eather. plan ro will do or unles you want to experiment w/ the plant and tell everyone how it does
the soil mix is more dense than straight orchid mix. it has "soil" but also has the chunks of "bark" in it.
i have taken it out of the tray of water (yesterday, actually). i just keep misting it...
maybe i'm crazy, but i think i can tell a difference already! this morning, when i watered it before work i noticed that the leaves semed more "green", and they felt better, less brittle.
tonight, i added a few spoonfuls of shreadded s. peat to the pot.

fyi: the plant is 15" tall, from the top of the soil in the pot to the top of the tallest leaf. it's planted in an 8" diameter pot. the newly forming pitcher is 2.5" long, and the big, dead pitcher is 3" long.