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Need tips for d. intermedia seeds

hey i might be recieving some d. intermedia seeds... i live in singapore so its quite hot and humid here.
what soil should i use? is spahgum moss with some live spahgum moss on top ok?
should i give it light?
how much water should i give it?
also whats the safest way to harvest it?
If it is a tropical form, just scatter the seeds on a mix of peat/sand and let it germinate. Place in a well lighted area and keep warm (shouldn't be a problem in Singapore).

If it is a temperate form, you should scatter the seeds and treat like the tropical. Some people like to place the pot with seeds in the refridgator for startification, but i find that it is not needed for most drosera
I can not argue that point. My intermedia came up much fast when not placed into cold storage.
I agree that a cold stratification greatly improves germination with this species. For me the plants do fine in pure peat. I grow them as semi-aquatics. The plants are generally temperate and require a short day dormancy. I have best success with putting the hibernacula into barely moist moss in a zip bag in the fridge. They lose their roots after hibernacula form, and too much moisture will contribute to death by mold. I aim to give just enough to keep the buds "fresh" but not much more. I sow seed towards the end of winter, December or so, so that the seedlings will be able to go outside after the last frosts here, but your methods will have to be different, no doub't. Keep in mind that this plant is very dependent on natural photoperiods to be able to go through its dormancy. Sowing seed when the photoperiod begins to lengthen rather than reduce is always a good plan. Also the plants are widely variable throughout their range, so a failure with one variety may not mean that others will not work. I have some seed of a Florida form that might do better for you than an extreme Northern form, so let me know if you have no success with this seed.