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Need help ASAP. feeding dead spider

I just frooze a spider using the canned air spray method. I forgot how to force feed the plant. I remember seeing it once in a thread but the search is not comming up. How do I force the plant to digest? BTW spiders are clean animals right? Im using my bare hands to handle it.
I would say clean is relative.

What kind of plant are we talking about?
Oops..I forgot I didn't post in the vft forum..sorry. Its the VFT
well It may be a bit late but all you realy gotta do is touch the hairs inside the trap then keep things moving until it closes completely
When you freeze insects/spider you should only do it for a short while so they slow down and not freeze to death. Then you can stick the slowed insect into the trap and when the bug gets warm it'll come back to life and trigger the hairs itself.