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Need Darlingtonia help!

the large darlingtonia i got from spacer awhile back isnt producing anything new for me. i have it outdoors in SF and in a gallon sized pot with drainage holes. It is sitting on a saucer of water and daily i flush the pot with water. it gets plenty of light, put the pot stays cool. On th side of the pot there are 2 pod things, white on the outside. does anyone noe what those are? i can really discribe them. HELP
You say, on the side of the POT there are two whitish pods?? This mystifies me. Hmmm...on pots left exposed in my garage small fuzzy white insect coccoons sometimes form. Am I on the wrong track? I must have misunderstood.

Your darling may not be sending up growth if it doesn't have a strong root system. If these pod structures are on the plant itself, they could be fungal growths that indicate the plant is unhealthy or dead.

Could you please describe these "pods" in more detail? Thanks.


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4 pm on April 21, 2002)
the pods are on the side of the plants. they look like flowers forming, but i have never heard of them coming for the side. one is openig and it looks reddish with viens inside. its an alien lol! well, il keep ya posted onnem. cya
Yes, please keep us posted. Those pods sound very interesting. Do you think they are what's causing the plant to be unhealthy? Or could they be preying upon the plant, taking advantage of its poor health?

The 'alien pods' would be a great macro-photography subject! :)

But wait a second...are you saying these pods are PART of the plant itself? Offshoots and not some sort of fungus? I'm knocked off my axis.

its part of the plant. for sure. mostlikey flower or stolon. who noes!? Ill keep ya posted
Hmm.....interesting. DE and everyone else Ceph here could have a very rare form of a Darlingtonia!!!! The one that makes a greenish-yellow flower instead of a purplish one. I saw a picture of it once I think it was in Galleria Carnivora perhaps.
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I thought you said it was read and veiny inside? that would indicate a red flower... making it typical? or did I miss something!?
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ceph, yeah...are you sure you have Othello?

Because your plant is exhibiting unusual growth does not necessarily mean it is Othello.
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sorry to confuse you guys, but i actaully have 2 seperate cobras, one regular (from spacer..the one needing help) and another i got from the bacps, which is all green and no redish-purple at all. the othello (i think) is very young, 1 year, so lets hope it does better then the spacer one lol.