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Hey folks,

The mods have come to agree that the current room name, Carnivorous/Quasi-Carnivorous: etc. etc., is a bit...bland.

The mods are probably going to get me for this, but I would like to leave it up to the general body of forumites, mods included, to decide what this room should be called.

We could always leave the name as it is, but how could we ever forgive ourselves?

Having a poll should be the next step after we decide in this thread what few names are our favorites. Everyone, feel free to propose a name that is not included in the tentative list below.

sort of carnivorous
kind of carnivorous
possibly carnivorous
hopefully carnivorous
if-we-hope-and-pray carnivorous
(hope the person was joking on the last few:))

Well, there they are. My personal favorites are "Misfits" and "Potpourri" because, I think, they convey accurately that the plants in the room's title don't fit into any particular cetegory, besides the fact that they're a mixed bag, that they're not as popular as other plants grown by CPers.


EDIT: This topic was kindly placed in general discussions, where it will get more traffic. Check there to see the replies.
Et alii - and others; abbreviated as et al... how obscure.

Edit: ... or alieni generis - of a different kind
Dyflam, are you trying to condescend on us by implying you know more latin???
Bah... Thats an OK idea, just a bit vague for the passerby...
Strictly off the internet brother... e pluribus funk.

Edit: Maybe it should be titled like the other discussions:

Of a Different Kind (Alieni Generis)
What About The Outcasts
Absit invidia, Dyflam, but non possumus! Your Latin is nulli secundus, but it would be best to keep such material away from profanum vulgus...pro bono publico, you know.


hmm... How about Suspected Carnivores?