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Name that tree:)

Indiana Gardener

Got Drosera?

 I was just over at some friends' house and they have a small tree around 12 ft tall that they don't know what it is. I brought a sample of it home and took a pic of it. You can see the little oval shaped leaves and wierd fuzzy little flowers. At first I was thinking a type of willow, but the broad leaves changed my mind. I hope someone knows what it is. We're all curious. It can be viewed at this URL: http://www.countrywhatnotgardens.com/mystery....e_2.jpg   You may have to copy/paste the URL to your browser window.
Bye for now.
Hmmm...don't have a clue. I havent ever seen anything like that. Maybe someone else will know...or perhaps you could take it to a local nursery for an I.D.?

Good luck!

it looks like the plant has been grafted. But i dono waht the plants could be...