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N. x Rokko

Anybody have experience growing N. x Rokko? Should I grow this as a highland or lowland? Right now its in my lowland terrarium. Anybody have pictures? I believe mine is from a stem cutting, I can't tell if the pitchers are upper or lower. Do upper pitchers have wings? This pitcher does.

I have an N. Rocco X Fusca which I have grown successfully in my lowlands terrarium. I have a nagging huntch though that it would do better in a cooler environment, even though my tank is not as lowlands as it could get, it's not quite an intermediate either... but almost...

In recent months my Rocco X Fusca has been in decline, seeming to hold on... but I have had quite a few problems, including fungus, and I am not sure if it's problems are related. I am in the process of procuring some of those tasty pasteurized crickets from Phil and Jeff, as the plant hasn't had a substantial meal in over a year (I know, I am a bad parent) we'll see if it picks up after that.
I do grow N. x rokko. It is a very fast growing plant. The upper pitchers should lack wings of any extent and can get up to a foot tall if allowed to grow. They are longer and more narrow funnel shaped than the lower pitchers which are tubular/cylindrical. The upper pitchers on mine are more of a yellow mixed with red, but the lower pitchers can be quite dark with a dark peristome. It is a beautiful hybrid if allowed to grow. Good luck.

Thanks for the info you two

Mine does have wings and the pitchers are quite large. Large to me anyways (3.5")

I hope it didn't mind me transplanting it too much. The pitchers it had, haven't turned brown, so that should be a good sign.