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N. x outramiana

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Does anyone have a N. x outramiana? I couldn't find a picture on the net. I would like to know it's basic form and whether it is a highland or lowland type.

N.x outramiana=(N.ampullaria x N. rafflesiana)x(N.gracilis x N.khasiana)
N. x Outramiana is a cross of N. gracilis, N. khasiana, N. rafflesiana and N. ampullaria.

Synonyms of the same cross all made back around 1880 N. x Williamsii, N. x Superba, N. x Henryana

A search at the
Carnivorous plant database will yield a result with a picture of N. x Williamsii

Tony, none of those names work in the search engine on that site.

Tim, i found it just by typing in the name of the plant into Googles. there was like 4 webpages that came up referring to the plant you wanted to know about
When you do a search there, leave out the X

So try outramiana as your search word

For some reason they are listed as *outramiana in the files

O almost forgot.. I don't grow it but judging by the parentage I would try lowland conditions.
George, I also saw the names, but no pictures

Tony, even by cutting and pasting your spelling nothing came up.

HUH.. I just tried it and it works fine.

You put


in the search query box with it set to show all matching entries and hit submit query?

Anyone else try it or have I lost my mind?

(not sure if this will work but this is the query results
outramiana query)
Works for me, Tony. The "search pattern" link which will bring up some examples on how to search for different things. It is very powerful but the interface is not the easiest one to use though...

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It worked that time, thanks Tony.
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Tony, it worked alright when i left out what ya said to. looks kind of like a dark (N. x coccinea)