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N. Veitchii (Highland Form)

Hey guys and gals,
Wondering how big does the plant get? As well as the pitchers? (Thinking about getting it.)
Ah N.Veitchii highland on of another desired Nepenthes on my list. Veitchii highland can get very large! And will easily take a tree as it's won home. Pitchers are a VERY nice large size and highly fluted and EXTREMELY large,flared peristome. The true highland form has a striped peristome like a candy cane. That is a way to tell you have the true highland form o f Veitchii. If you don't mind me asking who are you planning on buying it from? Message me on that answer.
Also you must provide suffiect nightime coolness for the highland Veitchii I would say 60-65F is ideal. Anything lower is even better. Hope this helps!
Also you can tell the difference between the highland and lowland, by this. N. Veitchii lowland has longer pitchers and leaves than the highland variations.
N. veitchii is an excellent choice!  Typically, leaves grow up to 25 cm in length, and pitchers
may be as much as 20 cm high.  According to Clarke, this species is found from sea level
to 1500 m, but rarely above 1300 m.   Therefore, specimens from higher elevations are
perhaps more intermediate than true highland.

Note, however, that there are varieties of this species from elevations above 1000 m which
do NOT exhibit a striped peristome.  Therefore, the absence of such striping does not mean
that a specimen is necessarily a lowland variety.