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N. Truncata

Can N. Truncata grown as a highland plant (even though it is a lowland} because of its waxy leaves and the heavy pitchers? Thanks to all those who replied.
It can take highland conditions as long as the days are relatively warm (ie low 80s). Otherwise it is going to grow quite slowly..Temps down to upper 50's at night shouldn't bother it though.
In my expierence (which isn't neccesarily more useful than Tony's) Highlanders and Lowlanders can quite easily grow in a more intermediate enviroment together. Although they won't be as happy you will be able to see both kinds. So the Truncata can grow there but won't be as happy as it could be. :biggrin:
Just don't grow Ultrahighlands in an intermediate setup. (IE: N.Rajah,N.Villosa,N.Macrophylla,N.Lowii.) :biggrin: