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N. truncata x ventricosa

hey there im bored and just took a couple pics of one of my nep's new pitcher, so here it is!!! thought i would share

Nice peristome, can you show me the whole pitcher?
Oooohhhh. The inside looks like an oil painting! Nice!

here is the whole new pitcher. it isnt fully developed as of yet, but i think it is still very beautiful. i believe that it will get much chubbier. 
a big thanx goes out to tony cause that is who i got dis little wonder from hehe. hope ya enjoy!!!
Death66, is the truncataxventricosa a highland or lowland? It's really beautiful. Capslock is right, the insides do look like an oil painting! A Master Piece!!!
Looks happy

They will change as they mature. I expect the peristome to become a bit more flairing and the top of the pitcher a bit broader.

Bob Z. has a number of links for pictures on this hybrid in his Nepenthes section: CP Photo Finder -Nepenthes

Andenes - This hybrid should be very tolerant to a wide range of conditions. Ideally would like to see moderately warm days with a little cooling off at night.

Hi all:

I wonder how much cooling this plant will tolerate??. I have both a truncata and a ventricosa and neither likes too much cooling!!. So a hybrid may be on the intermediate, lowland side of things.

i am not very percise on the conditions but this is what i think it gets. i keep it inside under grow lights(16 hour or so photo period)
day temp- 75-82/ humidity over 80%
night- not sure exact temp but not too much of a drop
its seems very easy to take care of, hope my tidbit of info helps!!!
  Your ventricosa doesn't like temp drops at night?  I grow mine as a highlander, and it looks very happy
 Is there a lowland form of ventricosa that I'm unaware of?