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I've noticed that lots of people grow n.tobaica and I was wondering under what conditions you all grow it. I've always had mine in a highland/intermediate tank. I've noticed that some of you have mentioned giving it lowland conditions. TSG lists it as a highland.
I've just set up a small lowland tank, so now I can put my tobaica in either. Any ideas on which is best?
Nepenthes tobaica is someting between, so it's intermediate plant like Nepenthes ventricosa
Dear all;

I could not agree with Bjorn Norman more!!!. N. tobaica and N. ventricosa are not true highlands but intermediate, or as i call them "pseudohighlands". the preffix "pseudo"  means "fake". To the extent that i have those 2 plants in my greenhouse where the temperatures right now go down to 50- 55 F at night and 75 during the day, but these don't pitcher yet. Other of my highlands do in fact pitcher at these temperatures.

The information I have shows N. tobaica's natural habitat as growing in the Sumatra highlands at 3000' - 5000'.  I have one growing very nicely alongside my Bical at 14' here in Florida...so go figure.
I don't have one but I spent a while at Lake Toba
They grow all around the lake, which is a volcanic crater up in the mountains... sort of highland, but the temperature seems somewhat moderated by the lake so without as much swing as other highland habitats... intermediate sounds right. I remember it as cool and dry (for Sumatra... which is not very cool and not very dry for a Canadian
) You could always look up a climate chart for Lake Toba... I think that's the only area where they grow.