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N. tentaculata pollen available


one of my N. tentaculata (male) from Kinabalu with dark brown pitchers is starting to flower:


Does anyone have a female N. tentaculata or another interesting species in flower and is intersted in pollen? I know the timing of my N. tentaculata is wrong due to the artificial light I do use to increase the day length.


P.S.: Any tips on collecting and storing the pollen would be appreciated!
Hi Joachim,

To collect pollen, I simply remove individual flowers after their
pollen has been released by their anthers. I then store the
flowers, with pollen still attached, in small bags in the freezer.
One could surely remove pollen from the flowers and store it
by itself, but I've found that the male flowers provide a
convenient "handle" that I can use to apply the pollen to
female flowers when needed.

I've been told that pollen stored in this way can remain
viable for a number of years, possibly as long as seven
years, if not longer.
Hey Joachim,

i have cut 2 flower spikes of so far this year and to help you out some keep an eye on it and when it is about 3/4 of the way or when the tip of the flower spike starts to die off cut it. i have store both of them in plastic wrap and from getting word back from one person i cut it fresh and sent it that the plastic will absorb the pollen. i did notice that with te first flower spike i cut but, i thought it was from cutting it to late. so my adive is don't store it in the freezer in plastic wrap.
if any one has a good solution to store the pollen it please let me know for the next time i get flower spike and have to store it.
hope that helps some w/ my exsperance
i have read in one book i have that the flower pollen will stay good for a year in the freezer. i belive that i read it in (Adrian Slack Carnivorous Plants)
With other species, not sure about nepenthes, getting the pollen as dry as possible before sealing it and placing in the freezer increases the longevity of the pollen. Maybe leaving the pollen on a sunny windowsill or something to remove excess moisture and then sealing them in a bag with as little extra air a possible would work.

Could you send me some, please