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N. sanguinea problems

Mar 9, 2020
Hello, my N. sanguinea has a pitcher that opened really early and some of the leaves on one of its basal shoots were discolored. I assume it will pass. Does anyone know what might be happening? I received it about a year ago from Carnivero and I have never had any issues before this. I have very little humidity in the winter so this is the first pitcher it has produced that got big in a while. I've only watered it with distilled water.
Aug 4, 2008
Prematurely opening pitchers are usually caused by excessively low or fluctuating humidity. It does not indicate anything more serious than that. For the discoloration could you be more specific. If it was only a few leaves and the newest leaves are back to normal I would not worry too much.
Apr 19, 2012
Greeley, CO, USA
Premature pitchers are caused by disturbance to the plant; fluctuating humidity (which misting can cause!) can be one disturbance but typically not low humidity if the plant is acclimated and it's more seasonal. Bumping or moving the plant at all can cause it as well, as can sudden light changes. Leaf discoloration can only really be diagnosed with a photo.