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N. Robcantleyi for sale!!!

Jun 26, 2022
Northern VA
Step right up, step right up! We have 1 HARDENED off Robcantleyi for sale here
It has been acclimated to windowsill temps!(50-60%RH, 70 F ) Its for sale at $87.99 FREE SHIPPING!

I’m shipping standard USPS priority mail. If you would like to upgrade shipping please contact me in 2-days after order was placed w/ payment. Only mainland US states.

As w/ anything, be mindful of your weather, I can hold your plant until things cool down (or warm up) if you would like.

I do PayPal as usual. PM me if interested. No returns.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask:)

Edit: JUUUsst realized this is the wrong thread oops! It also won’t let me delete…
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