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N. rajah

It has been great seeing all these photos of fantastic specimens of N. rajah.  So, seeing the
level of interest in this plant, I've decided to post a picture of one of my own rajahs.  The photo I've provided is not great -- but it does show the entire plant.   This specimen is about 65 cm in diameter, and has two growth points.  The one on the left has produced a pitcher which is clearly visible, and which is about 13 cm in length.   The new growth point, centered in the pot, is about 18 months old.  For reference, the diameter of the pot is 45 cm.  Currently, there are seven
active pitchers on the plant, with three more forming.

This plant came to me about five years ago.  It was a cutting from a friend's plant, and the
leaves were about 8 cm long.  I rooted it, and in five years it has grown to the size you see
in the photo.  In my experience, this species grows rapidly, and benefits greatly from regular
feeding with insects.  My personal opinion is that wide pots, with coarse, well-drained compost,
are best for this species.  However, I also cannot argue with the success represented by
a plant fourteen year of age....  

Here it is:
five year old rajah.
Wonderful Rajah Jeff! May i ask how big of a pot it is in and the soil mix? Thank You!
Very nice, not just the rajah, all your plants look very healthy.

Thanks for your kind words, NG, and Pete!

As stated above, the pot diameter is 45 cm.  The compost blend I use is referenced on my webpage devoted to N. rajah, here.  
Basically, I use a lot of fairly coarse materials, like orchid bark and charcoal,
with the addition of a smattering of peat moss to keep the mix rather acidified and to aid
moisture retention.  To date, this has worked rather well; my plants have large, thick, healthy
white roots.
Jeff, this is of course a very nice plant you do grow! From the picture I would think, the size of the leafes of the young basal offshot has already reached the size of the older shot. I find it always amazing how fast nepenthes are able to grow these offshots compared to the growth rate of a seedling which may take many years to reach that size.

You do mention your N. rajah has white roots! - This is very interesting as all my N. rajah do have the normal fine black roots which are also very long.

Can you give us some input on the light levels you are growing this plant under? I'm still thinking N. rajah does dislike higher light levels very much...

Thanks Joachim

P.S.: Here are pictures of some N. rajah from
Kew Gardens which seems to grow under much light:



(stolen from Bill's site: http://www.fly-catchers.co.uk/ -> photos -> kew)
Joachim, thanks for sharing the pictures!

Yes, the roots on my plants consist of fairly thick white strands, off of which are small,
black filaments. As the plants get larger, the roots get thicker.

My experience with rajah is that it likes a fairly high light level. Mine are grown under
a 1000 W HID lamp, at a distance of around 1 m. In addition, the light is filtered
through plexiglass.