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N. raja 14 years old

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thats what i wanna here , you can't feed carnivores the same thing all the time . they must have a diet , it like humans , you can't just give them the same thing everyday , beef , beef jerkey , beefy burger , beef sandwitches , beef on a stick , beef steaks , or beef , you must add something else like chicken and vegies . same goes as plants so there is nothing wrong with feeding cps animals . if you think I am wrong think about the bacon and burgers you eat for lunch .
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And technically, bugs are animals and living creatures just the same. Ther's no reason to shun those who feed mammals to there plants, when you yourself feed animals to your plants. That's all I have to say.
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Well, looing at it from the plant's perspective (at least through the eyes of a novice to CP's like me) I would say that the depth of the roots have nothing to do with water. Yes, the shallow roots would be thick to take up water when it rains, but I think something to think about is anchorage. A big pitcher full of a half gallon of water must weigh 6 to seven pounds, and the plant could tip over unless firmly anchored by wide roots, especially if the rajah, as I understand from this board, isn't so much of a climber.
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Does it eats dogs or cats?!?!?!