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N. rafflesiana flowers

how often do rafflesianas flower? do i need to cut it off before it flowers (like venus fly traps), or do i just leave it alone? does anyone have a pic of it?
I'm not saying that it WON'T flower, but I wouldnt hold your breath... It has to be mature, and by your questions I'm assuming you are relativly new to nepenthes... Correct? So you plant, I would assume, is not that mature... Right?
I answered this in another post, about the N.Truncata but a Nepenthes of ANY kind has to be mature first in order to flower. So bascially you will get amture pitcher's before flower's or on some Neps you may get flowers before mature pitcher OR you can get both at the realative same time. So wait a while and you should get flowers in a few years.