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N. mollis


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N. mollis

So N. mollis has never shown a pitcher. is this up to date? does anyone have specimines? what is the reason for no pitchers?
Curious indeed. Perhaps the pitchers have become vestigial?
maby...but there are surrounding nepenthes that dont have this...
I think the link is incorrect. You want this one:


No, no pitchers seem to be known, as it has not been reliably seen since it's herbarium specimen was collected in 1957.There was an article about a possible recent rediscovery of it in the CPS Newsletter (March 1999 [28:1]).

The plant collected when it was discovered was only of upper growth. You will note that no basal rosette leaves are known either. Perhaps the plant was just not in ideal circumstances, or perhaps it does not produce much in the way of upper pitchers.

One place claims to sell it, and you can see a small pic of a purported plant here (http://www.dartfrog.co.uk/plants.html). This has turned out to be an unrelated N. maxima hybrid though, and not N. mollis at all (See details here).

thanks for fixing that rob-rah. i saw that too. it made me think about the authenticity of the plant. because no one knows what it looks like any body could just see somthing off as N. mollis. pity.
My understanding is that this plant was collected in 1957 and its leaves and veination were different enough from other known Nepenthes to name it as a separate species. One possible theory would be that this plant does not produce pitchers but I think it is more likely that a good specimen (with pitchers) was never found. Gunung Kemal (or Kemoel) is extremely remote and has not been extensively explored so this potential species remains a mystery. Until someone visits Kemal and finds a Nepenthes matching its description it will remain so.

Be very suspect of anyone claiming to have this plant. At best it would be someone's guess that N. mollis is the same species as their plant. More likely it would be a scam.
This is very interesting...infact I looked into Clarke's 2 books of Nepenthes and I also realized that this plant really does 't want to pitcher!
See ya!