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N. maxima beginning to flower male or female?

Greetings All,

I'm hoping someone can help me. My N. maxima is forming a flower! How long before the sex of the plant becomes apparent? I think it's a female. I can't post a picture since I don't own a digital cmaera or a scanner.

Also, is anyone interested in trading pollen? My plant is from J&K Orchids and was sold as a N. maxima. I think I posted pictures a while back.

I will post agian once I know the sex for sure.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Hi it's me again. Someone must know how to sex a Nep. The flower has small round balls on it so I'm thinking it's a male (no pun intended). I've looked in Savage Garden at the flower pictures and it looks like the female flowers are more tubular.

Anyone have any thoughts?
Looking for help.

If it's a male I will post in the trading forum if I can succesfuly collect pollen.

Thanks again.

YOur best bet to ID if male or female is to go to Barry's FAQ page. I believe he has pics of both male and female flowers in the gallery
Thank You Tony & Pyro. It looks like both flowers start off as round balls. I guess I will have to wait till they open before I can be sure of the sex.

Thanks again.
Usually, if the blossom prior to opening is very much circular, the chances are very high that the flowers will turn out to be male. If the unopened buds are slight to somewhat elliptical, then the plant has a high chance of being female. You can readily identify the sex as soon as one bloom has opened. Good luck.

It's a male. Anyone need pollen?