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N. lowii

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I've got a little (1" across) N. lowii that I've had for 3 months. I'm some what concerned because it isn't really growing, it has only sprouted 1 new leaf. Does anyone know if this is normal for this species or for a plant this small?

N. lowii is SLOOOWWW.. I am not surprised at 1 leaf in 3 months although they can grow a bit faster than that. As long as the new leaf is at least slightly larger and the old leaves are not dying off rapidly and the plant looks healthy I wouldn't be concerned.

Your lucky Pyro. N.Iowii is so bizzare! I am wondering where you got yours? Nep.G.

Thanks for the heads up, I'm glad to hear that it is just a species trend and not something I'm doing wrong.


I got my lowii from Wistuba, it was the only place I could find it. Once it gets larger I'll be taking cuttings but considering what Tony said it will probably be a while

N. lowii is not too hard to find. Most Nepenthes dealers have them available. They can be a bit pricey though since they are in pretty high demand and slow growers.

Isn't N. Lowlii suspected of using bird droppings for food more so than insects? Fascinating plant...

I want one.. someday... I have bought to much lately...

I have coming in the mail:

N. Rocco X Fucca
N. Truncata X Vetchie
N. Bicalarata (Mature or almost mature specimen)

Seeds for:

N. Bicalrata
N. X Gymnamphora (unknown hybrid to this plant.
Wistuba? What web site or who is that?
?? Nep.G. :confused: :confused:

Her is his web-address:


Something to keep in mind is that he is in Germany

Okay I'll just check it out anyways! Thanks Nep.G.
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a Nepenthes "lover" who doesn't know Andreas Wistuba ? ;o)

I got my lowii from him, too (I also live in Germany so this is not a "problem" for me)
I have it for 6 or 7 months and it produced 4 new pitchers since that. The plant is now 3 or 4 inch across and the pitcher size is now almost 1", they are very dark red but I still can't recognize any spezific details (below the lid)
It grows significantly faster than my N. rajah but not as fast as my N. veitchii (Highlandform), both plants also from Andreas Wistuba.

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What media do you have your lowii in? I'm wondering if my slow growth could be because of an improper media.

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Nice picture. That is about how mine looks except smaller. You mix sound like mine so I'm guessing that it is just the slow nature of this plant that I am experiencing.

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WELL MARTIN CLAM DOWN!!!!! Don't jump on me like that! I just didn't know! As every day you learn something new! Nep.G.
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You forget I am also in America. I don't yet order internationally. Nep.G.
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I think Andreas is running low on some species and sending them smaller than usual. The past batch of lowii were about an inch in diameter .. a year ago they were twice that size.

I have some growing in pure NZealand sphagnum and they seem to be happy in that also. I just make sure it's not packed tightly and they are not sopping wet all the time.