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N. khasiana x N. ventricosa

I purchased what I believe to be a hybrid of these two plants back in June or so. It was doing great but just got too big for my current lowland enclosure. The situation was dire so I tearfully clipped the main stalk down to just the top 2-3 leaves (to my pleasent surprise it has sent up 3 basal rosettes since then each with 2" pitchers) and I made 2 large cuttings from the old large stalk one I left in the lowland tank (growing great with 4" pitchers) but I placed one in the highland tank to see how it does.

I guess my only question is does anyone have this hybid and has it done as well in a highland as a lowland? I know these plants are both technically supposed to be grown as highlands but are usually considered "variable".
Is it possible the highland grown cutting give me larger pitchers than the lowland grown cutting?
my ventricosa grows smaller than average pitchers in the heat but my khasiana loves bright light and the warmth. It thrives on the heat from 85-95 F day temps and night just as hot so iam thinkin if your day time temps are highenough it should do fine. but who knows i am definately not an expert. hey do you have any of those cuttings to trade i would like one of those that sounds like a great hybrid.

Sure, I'll trade a cutting just gimmie a while and we'll let these guys establish (unless you don't mind fresh unrooted cuttings)
here's a pic of a pitcher (they are actually a bit redder with a somewhat purple inside the throat) and very easily ID ventricosa type persitome on the larger pitchers. plant is about 14-16" across (not counting tendrils/pitchers).

i dont mind fresh cuttings, but just out of curiosity old are the cuttings
Oh it was you who PMed me! Never mind my response then!

These cuttings were taken on Sept 24th 2002 & treated with superthrive and rootone w/ fungicide so no roots yet, very fresh!
I just read in Savage Garden last night that this hybrid is called N. x Emmarene and only makes squat pitchers so perhaps I'm already getting the biggest pitchers it will make 4-5"?