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N. khasiana leaves turning yellow


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The plant is still healthy and growing strong. It is only happening on my N. khasiana, my other three Neps are still green. Any ideas?

Ok I'm confused.. the whole plant is turning yellow but yet it "is still healthy and growing strong." ? Or is it a few of the lower leaves turning yellow? Has anything changed at all in it's climate? Light intensity, temperatures etc etc...

Well Comarades,let me explain to my best assests. If the lower leaves are turning yellow that is perfectly normal remember the Nepenthes are a vinging Species. If the whole plant is yellow I would Check it's roots and then give it abug or two. If that dosen't help buy some superthrive and use the directions or ask on this forum how to apply on Nepenthes. And that should bring it back. If all else fails take leave cuttings as I said before Keep asking on this forum. Nep.G

The plant is healthy (I know a sick plant when I see one
) but some of the leaves (including the newest) are yellow from the margin in to about half way to the middle of the leaf. The leaves are not wilted or showing any signs of damage. They have experienced a change in that I moved from Denver to Atlanta a couple weeks ago but in general growing conditions have not changed (ie full sun, 70% humid, temp 50-80)


I would give it a bug but right now it has no pitchers (casualties of my move I'm afraid) but I have given it a dilute fertilizer solution so that should be about the same. I'll check the root but I hate to up-root it and shock it anymore.

I am betting it is just shocked, give it time...

I recently discovered that my timer for the lights on my terrarium got hung up ona power cable... (Bad organization on my part) and my lights have not turned off in a week... I discovered this because some of my nepenthes have brown burn spots on their leaves... thankfully my VenXMax, Raf, Judy, And Ventricosa are all fine, the only ones effected are the Merrliana, and the unidentified Home Depot guy... and Home Depot could be natural aging of leaves... he's getting about that age that he's ramped up pitcher size by about a quarter... very tall thin and slender looking now.. very nice little pitchers... I will clip the serious leaves off this weekend... Since the baby came, I have little hope of getting the digital camera any time soon... and I am about to pop up the flytraps in the terrarium for dormancy... so when I finally do get to take some pictures, it may not be all that grand looking... any how.. that was a bit off topic.
I allways had a "problem" with yellow leaves on my N. truncata.
Since some months I keep it in a less bright place and the leaves are dark green now (and a bit bigger).

Maybe you should shade your plants a bit ?
(I think this experiment will not harm your plant and you will see if it works on the new leafes)

I would say that's probably what it is too. The sun in Altanta is much more intense then Denver I would say!

Martin, Tony,

I'll give that a try and see what happens. Thanks

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Quite strange actually. I got a basal shoot. Other than that its new leaves are a bit more green. Although growth has slowed down a bit with it beeing outside in the cold and all.
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Hey Pyro,

Just wanted to let you know that my truncata X Vetchie has shown me some yellow before, as has my ventricosa X Maxima, and my Merrilliana... when I increased the lighting by adding new bulbs a couple of weeks ago, something fun happend, all those yellow spots have begun blushing, and some have a really intese RED coloration to them now! (Note, this is not burning, this is coloration coming out) many leaves are showing the blush of better light making them more red, but these yellow spots I think just show it better.

I was worried when this happens, as yellow leaves in normal plants mean they need what is it.. I forget, potassium? but I just kept on trucking, I have one leaf that went totally yeallow, but is handily keeping my larges pitcher alive...

ANd my growth on all the nepenthes is larger, and darker with the new light, the truncata x vetchie seems to appreciate it as well!